Bridge Bay Craftsman

Located in Sagle, Idaho on the south shores of Lake Pend Oreille, this custom built home reflects a truly classical craftsman design ethic. Trimmed mainly with vertical grain fir (or V.G. fir), the home’s inspiration harks back to classic Craftsman traditions.

The home’s extensive wainscot paneling successfully creates a rich backdrop for every object in the home. Surfaces are rich with the honeyed color of warm, hand worked wood, a soft and inviting tone that will become even richer as time goes on and the fir ages.

Besides creating a feeling of being enveloped in an inviting environment of wall-to-wall wood, care was taken to make each room seem open and accessible.

The complex staircase’s vertical design aesthetic results in a soaring, open feeling of light and space. Custom ironwork by local craftsmen who worked in conjunction with the traditional craftsman style complements the tapestry of natural materials.

Windows that reach nearly to the floor in the dining room paired with wainscoting create a comfortable, traditional experience. The beckoning, built-in window seat looks out to Lake Pend Oreille, just yards away. In this way, the spectacular outdoor setting and seasonal beauty is drawn into the interior spacial experience.

Paneled, furniture-based cabinets paired with seeded German art glass create a luxurious yet grounded look that is open and highly appealing. The custom cabinets in the gourmet kitchen are functional, beautiful and smooth, resulting in one of the most appealing spaces in this tremendous home.